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your artistic expression causes me ultimate sadness.

seas of watery water cure my turbulence, tranquilize my uproars... oh, but you've done so much more!

color... sound... movement... depth... time... it's flowing within a meaningless animation window: why cannot it devastate universal consciousness? spill! spill! spill! spill! spill! spill! spill! spill! spill! but it cannot fill me with nething more than feelings.

like a distant planet or a faraway ocean or a vanishing mountain, or like a cute caterpillar or a sleeping bear or a growing child, ink's inspiring condition will spill out of me, while my emptiness will linger.

in seeing you express yourself so compassionately, i too will allow the ink to color me, hear me, move me, deepen me, mature me, hold me in its flowing serenity until at long last i evaporate and become nothing more than a watery medium of self-expression,

like you...

when i watched "love on the beach," there wasn't a moment lost. every expression was both shocking and sentimental, inspiring true love for the animation. while i can't the style was finessed, it was definitely unique, as well as consistent. the soundtrack was not awing but completed the immature storytelling. i'm saying you had captured genuine emotion, for everything satisfied a unified artistic development. i'd even go so far as to claim the underdeveloped structure of the animation complemented the emotions you had desired to express. so, there wasn't a moment lost.

icy "love on the beach 2" years later, not having forgotten my 1st true love, and i think to myself all the wonderfully exciting possibilities for this second act... i am very disappointed. i wasn't, to be honest, when it began with highly improved graphic quality. i was even more expectant: perhaps i should have stayed with sabrina, but now it's too late.

neway, i was pleased you kept the same musical score but was again disappointed by the credits. in like respects, i was pleased you kept many of the same trademark animation techniques and voice-over characteristics; however, without progress, the present grows old. tsuke's mumbling no longer expressed the sincere apologetic discomfort of a torn lover but rather intended to pass him off as a pitiful personage. protagonists with conflicts can be either empathized or despised by the viewer, and you left your hero to his tragedy. the new chick was o.k. but served little purpose, while sabrina's reintroduction was too abrupt. everything following thereafter went downhill, from animation style to script to general emotional sincerity. the sad ending was not bc of the gun shots but was a result of overemphasized, poor comedic value and an absence of love for your own series.

you've broken my heart on valentine's day, but i remain faithful to your originality and potential as an animator. please remain faithful to yourself and your own style, coolisushi!

CooliSushi responds:

Thank you, that was beautiful ;m;

Sorry that I broke your heart :<

ty for contributing a piece of art new and unique.

pumpkins r my most appealing art medium; stop-motion, my most appreciated technique; halloween, my favorite theme.

your presentation's execution was flawless, save for perhaps too angular a character design.

your production itself left for more to be asked in length and substance, but that's understandable considering the nature of the work. also, i'm sure productions like these r seasonal, no, or else they would appear rotten in quality?

i encourage you to persist in your creativity.


your animation requires more finesse. an expression of disgust is like ne explicitly expressed concept: consider the eloquence of wutever description may possibly limn your presentation, and you'll understand why your concepts r as clearly defined as the anatomy of the final human centipede in /clinical sodomy/, lol...

i coincide with earlier style is hurt by your inattention to detail. i wish for my critique to sound less than ridiculous, so please consider the possibility your animation techniques require greater fluidity and and physiological smoothness to their being if you wish to present a more convincingly realistic phantasmagorical grotesque.

as far as your sound is concerned, i'd generally think you should be more open-minded about it, but your /affection/ has positively affected me with its noir vocals and melodramatic sound walls. still, you emphasize a grunge impression which, although it successfully contemplates its existence in your piece of art, is being too unimaginative or conventional @minimum.

likewise, your style isn't constricted by your mentality. it's a decision i encourage you to rationalize with excessive doubt: imagine new, diverse realms of imagination and conceptualize new, diverse mentality accordingly. if you wish to dive deeper in that which interests you, i support your passion; however, if you wish to do so without looking back and appreciating the endless scenery growing all around you, i cannot accept your absence of acceptance for me. furthermore, it's a valueless promise to accept new, diverse perspectives and not act upon their influence over is to disrespect them and ignore their value.

neway, i cannot obligate you or change your mind. if you wish to be open-minded, your introspective acknowledgment of said notion will present itself in your outward expressions (e.g. your pieces of art).

also, emily youcis... lol... was there a distorted alfred easter egg newhere? :<

/animal crackers/ doesn't sustain a concept focus like the rest of your animations seem to attract in me. you've but a tessellated mess of shock images and some silly visual effects, which do but intensify the sweetness of the fruit of your labor... nonetheless, watery watering, except your style?

for wut time you pass in appealing to the public, it doesn't translate to me narcissism would be your overburdening motivation to create, nor would absent self-esteem obligate your innovations. it seems, judging by the relative disinterest you've attributed to this piece of art, your animal crackers r stale and you require smtn on which to salivate.

i offer you no solution for your uneasy appetite, but please refrain from convalescing @ the expense of viewer misconduct. if you've nething worthy to share with us, i encourage you to be open with the community; for wutever personal utility you seek to acquire from your artistry, i ask you don't place the responsibility on your audience.

beaches and shores? i think you meant bitches and whores bc that's exactly how they act.


but i'm not allowed to score you so high :<

think of my 9 as a pez, with many more 9s waiting for you to pop into your mouth at a ne moment; keep filling me with the amazement of your animations and receive all the delicious 9s you desire.

no. you haven't

considered the vitality of life.

your concept requires a finesse you haven't discovered...
when art limns organic being, the art must feel alive.
your hand and your emotions falter in that respect; you haven't the ethereal mind nor the virtuosic heart to artistically express reality.

lest you keep practicing, i will admit thus far your abilities r best in the scene with the shadowy deer running into the backdrop.
the nature of your work isn't talent related ---- don't be discouraged...

you, paintbrush, must consider like wut living feels, and that shall be your paint.

not mark twain, but

in its goodness it is obvious.

the whimpers were nice.

wash away your dipolar molecules, then you will feel like you've been used. wash away all that you love, and you'll see there's no one up above. i hate everyone, i hate you - most of all, i hate you.

i made that song for you. <3

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