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your artistic expression causes me ultimate sadness.

seas of watery water cure my turbulence, tranquilize my uproars... oh, but you've done so much more!

color... sound... movement... depth... time... it's flowing within a meaningless animation window: why cannot it devastate universal consciousness? spill! spill! spill! spill! spill! spill! spill! spill! spill! but it cannot fill me with nething more than feelings.

like a distant planet or a faraway ocean or a vanishing mountain, or like a cute caterpillar or a sleeping bear or a growing child, ink's inspiring condition will spill out of me, while my emptiness will linger.

in seeing you express yourself so compassionately, i too will allow the ink to color me, hear me, move me, deepen me, mature me, hold me in its flowing serenity until at long last i evaporate and become nothing more than a watery medium of self-expression,

like you...

when i watched "love on the beach," there wasn't a moment lost. every expression was both shocking and sentimental, inspiring true love for the animation. while i can't the style was finessed, it was definitely unique, as well as consistent. the soundtrack was not awing but completed the immature storytelling. i'm saying you had captured genuine emotion, for everything satisfied a unified artistic development. i'd even go so far as to claim the underdeveloped structure of the animation complemented the emotions you had desired to express. so, there wasn't a moment lost.

icy "love on the beach 2" years later, not having forgotten my 1st true love, and i think to myself all the wonderfully exciting possibilities for this second act... i am very disappointed. i wasn't, to be honest, when it began with highly improved graphic quality. i was even more expectant: perhaps i should have stayed with sabrina, but now it's too late.

neway, i was pleased you kept the same musical score but was again disappointed by the credits. in like respects, i was pleased you kept many of the same trademark animation techniques and voice-over characteristics; however, without progress, the present grows old. tsuke's mumbling no longer expressed the sincere apologetic discomfort of a torn lover but rather intended to pass him off as a pitiful personage. protagonists with conflicts can be either empathized or despised by the viewer, and you left your hero to his tragedy. the new chick was o.k. but served little purpose, while sabrina's reintroduction was too abrupt. everything following thereafter went downhill, from animation style to script to general emotional sincerity. the sad ending was not bc of the gun shots but was a result of overemphasized, poor comedic value and an absence of love for your own series.

you've broken my heart on valentine's day, but i remain faithful to your originality and potential as an animator. please remain faithful to yourself and your own style, coolisushi!

CooliSushi responds:

Thank you, that was beautiful ;m;

Sorry that I broke your heart :<

ty for contributing a piece of art new and unique.

pumpkins r my most appealing art medium; stop-motion, my most appreciated technique; halloween, my favorite theme.

your presentation's execution was flawless, save for perhaps too angular a character design.

your production itself left for more to be asked in length and substance, but that's understandable considering the nature of the work. also, i'm sure productions like these r seasonal, no, or else they would appear rotten in quality?

i encourage you to persist in your creativity.

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Excellent use of a simple idea. Did you create the music loop yourself?

nyunesu responds:

Thank you! No it wasn't me (:


if the values you possess influenced you to create the game, then respectfully i presume you're aware of your values and their intrinsic powers over our psyches; furthermore, if so, then, nonetheless, i wish to acknowledge and emphasize the value of conscious praxis: kudos, again!

for our sake, i'll disregard the possibility of the game being an accident, mistake, replica, &c. and singly consider it your purposeful masterpiece.

considering so, i wish to propose to you the essence of my analysis. i'll be quite vague about that which i'll presume you can infer or understand yourself. there were some evident fallacies: a quantifiable variety of inconsistent premises and irrational propositions lied hidden among the splendor of philosophical discovery. i decide against presenting my conclusions primarily bc it'd be counterproductive to the exp. of investigation and secondarily bc i feel this is a disadvantageous medium for effective communication. were you to desire a dialectic with me, i'd be more than happy to make the journey together; however, as it stands, we cannot actively communicate through a review. bc i realize my limitations to expression here, i therefore will restrict myself to reviewing your game with vague honesty. i apologize in advance if i'm acting inconsiderate to you or your contribution to newgrounds and the community.

on the bright side, the game was def. a positive exp. while this cannot be an absolute observation, it is understandable why your game has touched an unexpectedly sensitive audience (relative to what many before you have attempted but failed to accomplish). its accessibility—coupled with its organization, presentability (as a game), and entertainment—ironically, makes for a rather uncritical appeal, granted the language barrier is perhaps the single obstacle which you cannot easily avoid. your execution, contrary to wut people may have already commented, is on the whole a remarkable accomplishment. in part, your success is due to the medium for your idea; however, that is in no way discrediting you.

i'll say this: surely you've at least some exp. in the real world that you would sufficiently resolve the many presumptions existing concerning the study of philosophy, as well as the individual variance that on the whole constitutes and conditions society on average for or against the value of philosophy as an essential part of growth, life. were you to confirm my suspicions, please be specific as to wut exp. you've—i'm curious.

finally, i sympathize with some of your reviewers: you didn't actualize the full potential of your idea. maybe you considered that nething greater might have edged closer to intimidating rather than exciting, in which case i understand. maybe you yourself r still growing—as a thinker, as a game creator, wutever it may be. either way, i wish you'll consider the limitless potential your idea harnesses. feel free to discuss the idea with me further, if it'd be of interest to you.

there is so much more i could and would like to share, but more than nething i'm grateful. thank you sincerely for your compassion and dedication to newgrounds and its community; thank you sincerely for your love for humanity.

i wish we can all grow from your contribution.


it's just a super easy version of soldat climb (and without the graphics, controls, et al.)

nonetheless, thinking up a game similar to soldat climb is worthy in of itself n_n

AmazingAdam4 responds:

Well thanks, but I have never heard of 'Soldat Climb' before in my life... i'll give it a go :)

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some aspects of this r cool.

other aspects r mediocre.

the coolness and mediocrity cancel each other, and overall it's a 4.

things like this only look nice

until you realize how little emotion the owner of the artwork has given it...

and for the audience that would argue art to be personal, i can only pity you to think your emotions r simple enough to shed tears on this artwork...

i thus conclude an artist of your intimacy does not deserve credit if he/she will not put as much of himself/herself into the art as he/she does paint or pixels into it.

toshema responds:



is very intimate with its effects. these effects r very apparent, so it's delicate work. i thus conclude the mermaid hair is nice, yet your photoshopped skin is ceramic. too shiny and obtuse, too everything digitalized. i don't like those effects in particular.

it's better when you conceptualize to choose the ideal medium. mermaid hair may, of course, be easy to design and paint in photoshop and the like... nonetheless! art is never an easy thing... you have chosen your medium incorrectly.

this would only deserve an 8/9 had it been you'd given this artwork the liberty of maximum potential to shine (pun! lol)... :s

AJennyPenny responds:

Medium incorrectly? Dang.

Of course, it is (not) easy to design and paint in Photoshop and the like. Remember, there's no magic "effects" button people push and it becomes something. I'm sad digital art gets a bad rep.

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