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some aspects of this r cool.

other aspects r mediocre.

the coolness and mediocrity cancel each other, and overall it's a 4.

things like this only look nice

until you realize how little emotion the owner of the artwork has given it...

and for the audience that would argue art to be personal, i can only pity you to think your emotions r simple enough to shed tears on this artwork...

i thus conclude an artist of your intimacy does not deserve credit if he/she will not put as much of himself/herself into the art as he/she does paint or pixels into it.

toshema responds:



is very intimate with its effects. these effects r very apparent, so it's delicate work. i thus conclude the mermaid hair is nice, yet your photoshopped skin is ceramic. too shiny and obtuse, too everything digitalized. i don't like those effects in particular.

it's better when you conceptualize to choose the ideal medium. mermaid hair may, of course, be easy to design and paint in photoshop and the like... nonetheless! art is never an easy thing... you have chosen your medium incorrectly.

this would only deserve an 8/9 had it been you'd given this artwork the liberty of maximum potential to shine (pun! lol)... :s

AJennyPenny responds:

Medium incorrectly? Dang.

Of course, it is (not) easy to design and paint in Photoshop and the like. Remember, there's no magic "effects" button people push and it becomes something. I'm sad digital art gets a bad rep.

portraits r not beauty pageants

these kinds of artworks r, of course, not for critical audiences to appreciate.

nonetheless! i feel stylistically you've overdone yourself. you know... there's no value to beautify yourself. realism is all about detail. your eyelashes r too much; likewise is the hair. i'm not sure i've seen hair combed that well. there's always wispy strands or otherwise to paint.

if you conceptualized yourself by memory rather than an actual photo, i'll understand these omissions. yet i believe, by the looks of past "porcelainskin artwork," you're conscious of the human appearance. if i'm right, then it's smtn you should put the effort to complete if you want all audiences - critical or not - to appreciate your artwork. likely wrong, however, i suggest you yourself be more critical of your supposed finished pieces.

lol yes, trvial advice... still, you could better spend your time with the lighting effects. most of your frontal undertones work well - the peach negativity or whatever. the glass is well done, so too is the plastic.

then again, as you worked farther and farther away from the light, the quality was worse and worse. eh, you need to be reminded that grey is a very hard color. the minimal shade difference can be easily discerned, so please don't ever make solid shapes of shadow. i mean, yeah, it works for glasses, but that's called an umbra. when your shapes r broader (like the nose, lips, cheek, or neck), the shadow is not constant... unless you have a really concentrated light or its extremely close up, which isn't the case here. you're making your skin wrinkled and your lips look bent in half that way... ehehe, i thought you wanted to beautify yourself n_n
still, light will run off the sides of these shapes, as you may have predicted... you'll need to work on resolving shade difference the most. no need for me to carry on explaining; you're an artist, you no wut i want.


That shine of despair in his eyes really finished the picture. I couldn't like this any more.

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